Fiberglass splint kits designed to optimize the immobilization process for Urgent Care Professionals and Athletic Trainers.

Minimize wasted time and materials with an innovative splinting technique that can be applied by virtually anybody.

Zero Hassle. Zero Waste.

The ReadyPack

The ReadyPack is your splint kit on the go. Be Ready for any situation with both adult and child sizes.

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The Full Setup

Every splint type for every application. Increase efficiency and save your Urgent Care time and money.

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Dual Notched Pouch

Notched at the corner to allow easy entry for water and horizontally for easy removal.

Synthetic Padding

No sharp fiberglass edges, no need for gloves.

Water Available

Kits come both with and without water for fiberglass activation.

Save Time & Money

Affordable Splint Application In Two Minutes Or Less

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